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October 31, 2010
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Vampiress by Minos336 Vampiress by Minos336
Made with deviantART muro

"Sabes que te pertenezco," -susurro al fin a la vampiro-" Has lo que quieras conmigo..."

La vampiro suspira en su oido y solo siente el dolor ligero en su cuello de nuevo. Cierra los ojos mientras su vida se va en cada gota de sangre que la no viva succiona. Sonrie cuando el mundo se termina de volver obscuro y se deja envolver en el mortal abrazo.

Severus Snape and Lily Evans by JK Rowling and Warner Bros

Happy Halloween :iconpumpkinplz:
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guardian921 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
sexy, steamy and... Oh, heck. I love it! I usually hate it when characters are turned to vampires, but this is just too much! I love it!
Invierno1505 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Student General Artist
Wow! Hijole, te salio rete chido P: Me gusta como compusiste esto ~ tal como la forma en que estan Severus y Lily. XD OMG! Y los dientes!

*te da una galleta* (: :+fav:
GillyTheArtist Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
great work
stinaliden Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
very good! In some ways, this is a good symbol of Snape's relationship with Lily after her death - that he would go to any lengths for her, throw his life away, lie and kill for her... Not a very healthy relationship!
KidneyPie Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
hum, it can be romantic <3, it's all about the way you look at the picture.
lllllllllllllove it!
u2u2u2u2u2u2u2 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
omg, i love you! so hope there is a fanfic about this too!! If there is, please tell me!! ><''' s2s2s2 or made one! ^^ nyaaa~
i love vampires and i love snape too ^^ he's awsome! and it's so great seeing lily as a vampire, kind of twisted and hungry for snape @¬@''' it's just beautiful, really!
there is a reason for lily being a vampire?
So... it's so lovely the way you draw snape and lily, and your painting its great as well ^^ please continue drawing the couple! pleeeaaase! xD
KSoldier Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Y se lo chupo...

la bruja la vampira XDD
caroll-in Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, I love it! :wow:
DEATHPENITY17 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
hope theres a fan fic about this.
anarnie Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010
Lily as lianan shidhe, wonderfull idea %))
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